Was There A Nuclear Leak in Chagai Mountains of Balochistan?

A video circulating on X (formerly Twitter) with the caption “Bad news for Chagai people 😭 Nuclear in Raskoh. There has been a leak in the mountain. All friends should pray to God soon that God is good. Entire Balochistan is in danger and Chagai district may be in danger.” Showing visuals of smoke emerging from the mountain of Chagai, Balochistan.

Translated by Google

(Screenshot from X)

The claim gained traction on social media, particularly on X (formerly Twitter), the claim was shared here, here, gaining upwards of more than 200K views.

To verify the claim’s authenticity, a comprehensive fact-checking process was initiated. A reverse imaging technique was employed, revealing that the shared video dates back to 2020. The video originated from Iran. It shows Sulphur deposits and vents on Mount Damavand.

(Screenshot from Aparat)

The viral claim appears to have been shared with the intent to incite fear and panic among the public by falsely suggesting a nuclear leak in Chagai, Balochistan.


Our fact check confirms that the shared video does not show a nuclear leak in Chagai, Balochistan. Instead, it shows natural sulfur vents on Mount Damavand in Iran. The claim is false and misleading.

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