TTP Attacking Pakistan Armed Forces; An Old Video Shared As Recent Incident

A video circulating on X (formerly Twitter) with the caption “TTP (Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan) ambush on a Pakistan security forces vehicle.” Showing visuals of heavy firing on armed forces vehicles.

(Screenshot from X)

Another X user posted the video with the following caption, “There was an ambush by the #TTP (Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan) on a vehicle belonging to the #Pakistan security forces.”

(Screenshot from X)

The claim gained traction on social media, particularly on X (formerly Twitter), the claim was shared here, here, here, and here gaining upwards of more than 2.9M views.

To verify the claim’s authenticity, a comprehensive fact-checking process was initiated. A reverse imaging technique was employed, revealing the same video was shared by an X user dated October 26, 2022. We however could not find the exact source of the video, but it is evident that the viral video is old and has been circulated for years.

(Screenshot from X)

The viral claim appears to have been shared with the intent to incite fear and portray the TTP as actively engaged in attacks on Pakistan’s security forces. However, the outdated nature of the video undermines the credibility of the claim, suggesting a potential agenda to mislead or manipulate public opinion.


Our fact check confirms that the shared video does not depict a recent TTP ambush on Pakistan security forces. Its age and recurrent circulation indicate that it is not related to any recent events. Therefore, the claim is false, and its dissemination may contribute to the spread of disinformation.

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