Assistant Commissioner Sitting During National Anthem Being Played

A video viral on X (Formerly Twitter) with a caption “During the school function, everyone stood up during the National Anthem, but the person who was sitting with an unpleasant look was the AC there, what do he think of himself” claiming the Assistant Commissioner didn’t stand during National Anthem in a school function. The claim criticized the Assistant Commissioner for not standing during the anthem.

(Screenshot from X)

The claim gained traction on social media, particularly on X (formerly Twitter), the claim was shared here, here, here and here gaining upwards of more than 16K views. On YouTube here, here, here and here

After facing severe backlash on social media, Assistant Commissioner Wajahat Ali has released his clarification for not being able to stand while the national anthem was being played during a private event.

Assistant Commissioner Sujawal, Syed Wajahat Ali, has issued a clarification regarding his failure to stand during the national anthem at a school ceremony, attributing it to illness. He emphasized his patriotism and pride in being Pakistani, dismissing any social media propaganda surrounding the incident.

(Screenshot from Dialogue Pakistan)

The viral claim appears to have been shared with the intent to criticize and misrepresent the actions of the Assistant Commissioner, potentially for political or personal reasons.


Our fact check confirms that the claim suggesting the Assistant Commissioner was sitting during the National Anthem due to disrespect is false. The AC Sujawal Raj clarified that he was unwell, refuting any allegations of unpatriotic behavior.

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