This Viral Video is Unrelated to President Asif Ali Zardari

A viral video circulated on social media alleging that Pakistan’s newly elected President Asif Ali Zardari urinated on himself while receiving a guard of honor. The video was widely shared by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) supporters to make fun of the newly elected president.

(Screenshot from X)

The claim gained traction on social media, particularly on X (formerly Twitter) accumulating more than 85K views, the claim was shared here , here and here. On YouTube, the claim was shared here, here, here, and here. On TikTok here. On Facebook here.

Another X user wrote, ” صدر پاکستان سلامی لے رہے تھے تو ان کی پینٹ گیلی ہوگی اللہ ان کو صحت دے لیکن گزارش یہ تھی کہ اگر ایٹمی طاقت رکھنے والے ملک پر رحم نہیں کرسکتے تو اس بڑھے شخص زرداری پر ہی رحم کرلو۔ بس کرو یار یہ ملک ہم سب کا ہے اسےدنیا میں تمسخر نا بناو #ReleaseImranKhanNow #AyubMedicalCollegeScam

“The President of Pakistan was taking the salute, and his pants got wet, may Allah give him health, but the request was that if you cannot have mercy on a country with nuclear power, then have mercy on this old man Zardari. Just do it, man, this country belongs to all of us, don’t make it a mockery of the world #ReleaseImranKhanNow #AyubMedicalCollegeScam”

(Screenshot from X)

To verify the claim’s accuracy, a reverse imaging procedure was undertaken. A reverse image search revealed the shared video dates back to January 2023 from Sudan when President Salva Kirr wetted himself during a national public ceremony.

(Screenshot from Youtube)

The viral claim appears to have been shared to discredit and mock President Asif Ali Zardari and his political party. Users shared this video to make a point that Zardari is unfit to be a president as he is getting older and weaker.

Our fact check confirmed that the claim alleging President Asif Ali Zardari urinated on himself during a guard of honor is false. The video used to support the claim is not of President Zardari but of President Salva Kirr of Sudan.




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