Al Jazeera Never Written This About Nawaz Sharif

An image went viral on X (Formerly Twitter) with a caption “Al Jazeera has written that the one who was given the title of Guard Father by the Supreme Court was made “King Maker” by the Pakistani people.”

Translated by Google 

(Screenshot from X)

The claim gained traction on social media, particularly on X (formerly Twitter), and the claim was shared here gaining upwards of more than 6.8K views.

To verify the claim’s authenticity, a comprehensive fact-checking process was initiated. A reverse imaging technique was employed, revealing that the image was manipulated, altering the original Al Jazeera poster, The authentic poster actually states, “Army-backed Nawaz Sharif fails to win Pakistan Election.”

(Screenshot from X)

The viral claim appears to have been shared with the intent to propagate a false narrative and misrepresent the original content of the Al Jazeera poster.


Our fact check confirms that the claim regarding Al Jazeera praising Nawaz Sharif is false. The image was manipulated to convey a misleading message.

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