YouTube, X, and All Other Social Media Apps Were Inaccessible Only in Pakistan

A post was widely circulated on X claiming that YouTube, X, and all other social media apps and accounts were inaccessible only in Pakistan. Posters blame Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). It also claimed that the said platforms were accessible in other parts of the world. The claim was shared by renowned journalist and the general public.

On X (formerly Twitter), the post was shared here, here and here gaining upwards of 283K views.

Contrary to the claims, Facebook and Instagram experienced severe issues around the world on March 5, 2024, with the services refusing login attempts. The outages were first reported at about 3.30pm GMT and began to clear at about 5pm.

The outage was also confirmed by Meta spokesperson Andy Stone on X(formerly Twitter).

Our factcheck confirmed that a false statement was made to spread chaos and question the credibility of Pakistan telecommunication authority.



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