Former Prime Minister Imran Khan Being Tortured in Jail: Truth or False?

Multiple accounts on X claimed that the jailed former Prime Minister and Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf founder Imran Khan was tortured. This claim was attributed to a prominent Pakistani journalist Moeed Pirzada. An account named ‘Kashif Abbasi Fans’ shared the statement which was reposted more than four thousand times, the post had more than 200K views at the time of reporting. 

Kashif Abbasi is a renowned Pakistani journalist and analyst. This account claims to be a fan account of Kashif Abbasi, with more than 73K followers.


The claim gained traction on social media, particularly on X (formerly Twitter), the claim was shared here, here, here, and here accumulating more than 300K views. On Facebook, the claim was shared here, here, and here


To verify the claim’s accuracy, an extensive fact-checking procedure was undertaken. We checked the official X handle of journalist Moeed Pirzada (@MoeedNj) and found that he has refuted such claims attributing them as ‘nonsense.’



Our fact check confirmed that the claim alleging the torture of Imran Khan and attributing it to journalist Moeed Pirzada is false. Pirzada himself has refuted the claim. Additionally, the involvement of fake X handles impersonating journalists suggests a coordinated effort to spread misinformation and chaos. The claim appears to have been shared to create chaos among supporters of former Prime Minister Imran Khan by spreading speculations of torture and potential harm. 





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