ASP Sheharbano Did Not Cover the Camera To Commit Illegal Activity

A video of ASP Sheharbano Naqvi went viral on X (formerly Twitter) claiming that she ordered to cover the CCTV camera. As per claims, ASP Sheharbano covered the camera to perform some illegal activity.

On X (formerly Twitter), the video was shared here and here gaining upwards of 155.8K views.

Through reverse imaging techniques, it was found that the shared video dates back to February, 2022 from Lahore when a SHO organised a birthday party in police station and used a cloth to cover CCTV camera to hide the birthday festivities. According to reports, SHO of concerned police station was suspended after the video went viral on social media.

Our factcheck confirmed that an old video was shared as recent linking it to ASP Sheharbano who saved a women accused of blasphemy from angry mob in Ichra Bazar, Lahore. The old video was circulated with misleading context to politicised the matter.




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